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Only in Israel one can find so many different types of Terroir, varied so greatly.
From the Golan Basalt soil, through the outstanding Upper Galilee, to the Jerusalem hills, and the Negev desert in the south.

The wine list I present to you is a collection of wines from all over the country that I have gathered over the past year.

The wines were carefully chosen to enhance your dinning
experience in our restaurant with an Israeli wine:
Champagne Sparkling wine :
Cava Mvsa, brut, Spain 2008 - 90
Cava Mvsa, semi sec, Spain 2008 - 90
Brut Private Collection, Carmel NV
562 white Brut, Tabor 
Blanc De Blancs, Yarden, Golan Height's 
Champangne, Pommery Brut NV
Champangne, Louis De Sacy, Grand Cru Brut NV
Champangne, Laurent-Perrier Brut NV
Champangne, Laurent-Perrier Cuve'e Rose' Brut NV
By the glass:
Cava Mvsa, Spain 2008 - 25
Chardonnay Reserve, Barkan 200 25
Chardonnay, Recanati 2009 - 25
Gewurztraminer, Upper Galilee, Appellation, Carmel 2010 - 30
Blanca, Agur 2009 - 30
Rose, Recanati 2009 - 33
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Barkan 2007 - 30
Merlot Reserve, Barkan 2007 - 30
Merlot Volcanic, Odem Mountain 2007 - 45
Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic, Odem Mountain 2009 - 45
Odem mountain - Golan Height's, Odem, est. 2003:
The grapes are grown in three ares - north Golan, Galilee Mountains & Jerusalem mountains. Odem owns the highest vinyard in israel winemakers - Adam & Ishai Alfasi
Merlot Volcanic 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic 2009
Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic 2007
Merlot Reserve 2007
Shiraz Volcanic 2009
Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic 2009, Magnum
Merlot Volcanic 2009, Magnum
Alfasi 2007, Magnum
Chardonnay Inbar, Port NV
Ben Zimra - Upper Galilee, Ben Zimra vineyard, est. 2003 :
This winery specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon grapes winemaker - Asaf Kedem
Cabernet Sauvignon silver 2009
Bazelet Hagolan - Golan Height's, Kidmat Tzvi, est. 1998:
The grapes which grow in Kidmat Tzvi creates a high alcohol level wine without harming it's unique flaver / winemaker - Yoav Levi
Merlot Reserve 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2009, Magnum
Golan Height's - Golan Height's, katzerin, est. 1983:
One of the main wineries in israel, largely responsible for the quality revolution in Israel wines Chief winemaker - Victor Shunfeld
Sauvignon Blanc Yarden 2010
Chardonnay Katzrin Yarden 2006
Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden 2005
Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden 2002
Syrah Yarden 2003 
Rom Yarden 2006 
Katzrin 2007
Katzrin 2003
Muscat Yarden 2009
Botrytis Noble Semillon Yarden 2005
Heightswine Yarden 2007
Tabor - Upper Galilee, Kfar Tavor, est. 1999:
"Tabor wines are a perfect reflection of the place they come from.
An Israeli, Galilee wine / winemaker - Arie Nesher"
Mes'ha 2003
Mes'ha 2002
Mes'ha 2002 Magnum
Carmel - Zichron Ya'acov and Rishon Le Zion, est. 1890;
The largest winery in Israel, a leader in the industry development / winemaker - Lior Lacser
Gewurztraminer Upper Galilee Appellation 2010
Viognier Upper Galilee Appellation 2009
White Rieslig Appellation upper galilee 2009
Petit Syrah Judean Hills Appellation 2009
Shiraz Kayomi Vineyard 2007 
Shiraz Kayomi Vineyard 2006
Mediterranean 2007
Limited Edition 2007
Gewurztraminer Sha'al vineyard 2007
Galilee mountains - Upper Galilee, Kibutz Yiron, est. 2000:
Sitting in a breathtaking spot on top of the Upper Galilee mountain range, where wine grapes grew over 2000 years ago / winemaker - Micha Va'adia
Avivim 2007
Meron 2007
Yiron 2007
Yiron 2004
Weitzman - Habikaa, Beit Shean, est. 1980:
In a place where Romans made wine 2000 years ago, a family winery was established winemaker - Izzac Weitzman
Merlot 2007
Cabernet 2007
Lueria - Upper Galilee, Safsufa, est. 2006:
"A rare combination of soil layers of basalt, terra rossa and chalk
in one single area / winemaker - Gidi Sieda"
Rouge 2007
Grand Vin 2007
Binyamina - Binyamina, est. 1952:
"The winry vinyeard are spread all over Israel wine regions
Chief winemaker - Sason Ben Aharon"
Gewurztraminer Reserve 2010
Chardonnay 2009
Jasper Hoshen stones 2007
Sapphire Hoshen stones 2006
Shiraz Reserve 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve 2007
Daimond Hoshen stones 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve 2003
The Cave 2007
The Cave 2006
The Cave 2007 Old Vines
Shiloh - Samaria, Shiloh, est. 2005:
A modern winery that flourishes from its ancient roots / winemaker - Amichai Lueria
Chardonnay 2009
Rose' 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Shor 2007
Cabernet Merlot Shor 2009
Tura - Samaria, Rehalim, est. 2003:
"The vineyards in Bracha mountain are characterized in unique terroir, solid
ground, and low temperature / winemaker - Erez Ben Saaron"
Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Castel - Jerusalem Hills, Ramat Raziel, est. 1988 :
"One of the first boutique wineries in Israel, the name ""CASTEL"" after a nearby
Crusader fortress / winemaker - Eli Ben Zaken"
Grand Vin 2007
Petit Castel 2009
Grand vin 2006, Magnum 
Tanya - Jerusalem Hills, Ofra, est. 2001:
"Back 3000 years back, carved in the stone regions surrounding the Ofra area
serve as incontrovertible testimony to its centrality in the ancient wine 
making process / winemaker - Yoram Cohen "
Chardonnay reserva Eliya 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserv Halel 2007
Merlot Reserve Halel 2007
Cabernet Frank Reserv Halel 2006
Chardonnay reserv Eliya 2006
Cabernet Sauvignon Enosh 2006
Bravdo - Jerusalem Hills, Karmei Yossef, est. 1999:
The Shoseyov family began growing grape vines 120 years ago, speciallizing in the Ella Valley region Winemakers - Prof. Ben Ami Bravdo and Prof. Oded Shoseyov
Chardonnay 2010
Shiraz 2009
Merlot 2009
Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Barkan - Coastline Plain ,Kibutz Hulda, est. 1899:
The second biggest winery in israel. It's vineyards spread from north to south allowing use of spceial verieties / Chief winemaker - Ed Zaltzberg
Chardonnay reserve 2009
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007
Merlot Reserve 2007
Carignan Reserve unfiltered 2007 
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve +412 Altitude 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Superieur 2006
Pinotage Superieur 2007
Yaffo - Coastline, Jaffa, est. 1998:
"A family boutique winery. It's vineyards are located in Ella Valley and the
Jerusalem Hills / winemaker - Stefan Tzalinker"
Merlot syrah 2009
Kitron - Hasharon, Bitan Aharon, est. 2006 :
"A family boutiqe winery. It's vineyards are located in the Upper Galilee
and the Golan Heights / winemaker - Meir Biton"
Merlot Reserve 2006
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007
Recanati - Hasharon, Hefer Valley, est. 2000 ;
The winery owns dozens of vineyards, making it possible for the wine makers to create a wide renge of wines / winemaker - Gil Shatzberg
Chardonnay 2009
Special Reserve White 2009
Rose' 2009
Merlot Reserve 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2007, Magnum
Merlot Reserve 2005, Magnum
Special Reserve 2006
Special Reserve 2003
Agur - Southern Coastline Plain, Agur, est. 2000 :
"Agur wines are made from different grapes mixture which express the special
flavor of the Judean Hills / winemaker - Shuki Yeshuv"
Blanca 2009
Special Reserve 2007
Segal - Coastline, Kibutz Hulda, est. 1787:
"Producing the special ""unfilterd"" wine. the recognition in the significance of the Upper
Galilee as ideal for planting vineyards makes them one of the leading wineries in the Israeli wine industry winemaker - Avi Feldstein "
Merlot Rehasim Dovev 2006
Cabernet Sauvignon Rehasim Dishon 2007
Argaman Rehasim Dovev 2006
Cabernet Sauvignon Unfiltered 2007
Kadesh Barnea - Kadesh Barnea, est. 2000:
"The vineyard was planted in the Negev desert ,benefiting from the well aired, 
mineral rich soil, and the typical climate of the Negev winemaker - Yogev Zadock "
Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Merlot 2009
Yatir - Tel Arad, est. 2000:
Rare desert terroir yielding great wines, that puts Israel on the world wine map, receiving high scores from Robert Parker / Chief winemaker - Eran Goldwasser
Viognier 2009
Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Shiraz 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007
Merlot - Shiraz - Cabernet 2007
Yatir forest 2007
Tzora - Judean Hills, Kibutz Tzora, est. 1993:
Tzora Vineyards owns three vineyards in Judean Hills, each with varying soils and meso-climates / Winemaker - Eran Pick 
Neve Ilan 2009
Shoresh 2007
Misty hills 2007
Gvaot - Samaria, Givat Harel, est. 2005:
Up on the Shiloh river cliff, 800 meter above sea level / Winemaker - Dr. Shibi Drori
Chardonnay - Cabarnet Sauvignon Gofna 2009
Chardonnay - Gewurztraminer Gofna 2010
Pinot Noir Gofna 2009
Vineyards Dance Herodion 2007
Merlot Herodion 2007
Cabernet Sauvignon Gofna 2007
Masada 2007